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Synchronous or Asynchronous? Let’s do both!

Lake Michigan Sand Dunes with LMTC Hybrid Model Announced Overlay

With last week’s announcement of a virtual conference, the Lake Michigan Technology Conference wanted to share the format for this year’s event. We are beyond excited to adapt this year to ensure that we are back in buildings in the fall and can be face-to-face next summer!

For this year’s event, we will be utilizing a hybrid model. This hybrid model will be composed of two different items. First, we are going to ask our presenters to record a short version of their session. For instance, if you went to an Introduction to Google Docs session, there would be a video that you could review, pause, rewind, and work along with. After the video time is through, the presenter will host a brief question and answer session. Utilizing this model will provide some face-to-face contact, but also allow for asynchronous viewing of the content for months to come.

While we are extremely bummed to not be able to go face-to-face this summer, we are hopeful that we will be able to start the school year face-to-face this fall. This is one small part that we can do to help ensure that we get to see our students again! If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to reach out to us info[at]

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