Introducing the “Deep Dive” Session

Deep DivesAfter soliciting your feedback from last year’s event, it would be nonsensical to ignore it. During the course of the conference last year, many people in their comments wished for a session where they could be with an expert and ask questions of various Google Tools. A sort of exploratory session with a guide there to assist on the journey. With your feedback in mind, we are introducing a new session type at this year’s event. We would like to introduce you to the Deep Dive session.

A deep dive session is a session without an agenda. Come with your questions about a Google topic and have them answered by an expert. The participants bring the questions and the facilitator will offer the advice and answers. We will have sessions on many of the Google tools that are available in the G Suite including:

  • Google Keep
  • Google Docs
  • Google Slides
  • Google Sheets
  • Google Drawings
  • Google Sites
  • Google Classroom
  • Gmail.

In these sessions, you will find a facilitator to answer your questions about the tools and how you can use them in your classroom. This is to help you find the uses, especially as many of us move from Microsoft products to G Suite. This session is designed with you in mind and one were there is no agenda before hand. Come sit and learn with an expert!

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