Picking Your Sessions – A How-To Guide

How To Pick Your Sessions!

Now that the program and conference guide are ready, we wanted to recognize the monumental task in front of you as you prepare to select your sessions for this year’s event, the planning committee wanted to offer a few suggestions on how to pick the right sessions for you.

  1. “Rule of Two Feet.” The first rule of the conference is known as the “Rule of Two Feet.” The “Rule of Two Feet” is designed to maximize your experience. If you show up in a session and it is not what you thought it was, use your two feet to find the one that is what you need. This is essential to maximize your experience. The presenters understand. Most of them would do the same thing in your shoes.
  2. Step out comfort zone. If you are your building’s expert on Google Slides, avoid the Google Slides sessions. Instead, go to a spot that you want to get better at. For instance, if you have wanted to master Google Docs or the Design Process, find sessions that align with those ideas and attend those.
  3. Try Something New. Along the with stepping out of your comfort zone, find a session or two in which you know nothing about and attend those. This will allow you to experience new things and get new ideas. Even if you don’t personally use them, you may be able to share them with a colleague when school kicks back up. Speaking of colleagues…
  4. Don’t travel in packs.  If you are here with a bunch of your staff or a few of your friends, split up! While I understand it is nice to catch up after a few months away, especially without students around, please recognize that you can compare thoughts and ideas after the sessions and get more from your experience. Invite your colleagues out for an appetizer and iced tea, or whatever it is your decide to have as a beverage, and get caught up there.
  5. Check out New Presenters. If you work with a presenter, don’t feel obligated to go to their session. In fact, I would encourage you to follow up with that presenter outside of the conference and check out someone you don’t have access to all the time!
  6. Don’t Get Sucked in by a Flashy Title. While we don’t see a ton of buzzwords in our grid, don’t get sucked into a catch title. Take some time to look into the sessions and what is happening in them. What does the presenter plan for this session and is it something you are interested in? Check out the session descriptions here.

We, as a planning committee, feel that these tips will greatly assist you in choosing sessions that will continue your professional growth. If you have questions about any of the sessions, please don’t hesitate to reach out! See you in less than two weeks!

P.S. We will not have any printed copies of the Conference Program & Guide. If you would like a copy, please print your own. Thanks!

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