Final Prep for #LMTC19

Whoa! The Lake Michigan Tech Conference is upon us. On Monday, we will all be gathered in an auditorium in Coloma getting ready to kick off our amazing day of learning! We will open the doors at 7:30 and a continental breakfast will be served! Come and get some coffee and pastries. Then, we will kick everything off for the day. You can check out the conference schedule here.

Not sure what the day will look like or what you should do to prepare? We’ve got you covered. Check out two of our latest blog posts on Tips for Attending #LMTC19 and Picking #LMTC19 Sessions.

Next, we need to talk about parking and entering the building. For the Lake Michigan Tech Conference, we are going to have you park in the westernmost parking lot, the one that has our buses in it. Click here to see a map. If you are coming off of I-94, it is the last driveway. If you are coming off of I-196, it is the first driveway (just before the “Welcome to Coloma” sign). Again, look for the buses. 

Once you have parked and gathered your items for the day, you will make your way to entrance 6. Entrance 6 is not the main entrance to the building, but it will take you right to the registration area and our continental breakfast. On Monday, you will want to arrive a little early so that you can get checked in, fill out your SCECHs forms, and get some food. Our building has excellent WiFi coverage and icy cold air condition, so bring a sweater if you are so inclined. 

We look forward to hosting you this year’s event. If you have any other questions, please do not hesitate to reach out.

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