#LMTC19 Grid is Now Live!

LMTC19 Grid Screenshot

The school year is near its end, and that means some time off and that the Lake Michigan Tech Conference is just around the corner! We wanted to make sure that planning your day could happen sooner rather than later! So here is this year’s conference grid. The whole thing is color coordinated by strand. Yellow represents STEM. Orange has sessions with a K-8 Literacy focus. Blue sessions have a focus on Assessment. Green sessions have a focus on Google. And Purple sessions are sessions that were too good to say no to but didn’t fit within our strands! Each session is linked to a description! Head over and check it out.

Get registered today! Don’t miss out on this summer’s premier EdTech Conference in Southwest Michigan! As always, if you have questions, please do not hesitate to ask. You can email us at lmtc[at]berrienresa.org!

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