It’s No Joke! LMTC is planning to be back for 2021!

The number 4 with the 4 essential questions of the PLC process appearing as a looping gif.
Drs. DuFour’s Four Essential Questions of the PLC Process.

It is not a joke! Nor a drill! The crew that works to put on the Lake Michigan Technology Conference has been following the news and is getting excited about the real possibility of having a face-to-face event this August! While we are currently experiencing a spike in positive COVID-19 cases, there is a promise on the horizon with the increased availability of the COVID-19 Vaccine and the newest CDC guidance for fully vaccinated individuals. We are uncertain as to what that will look like and how that will work, but we are working diligently behind the scenes to make this happen this summer.

With the news that small groups can start to gather indoors if they are fully vaccinated, we are extremely hopeful and excited to be able to host a small group of people for this year’s event! One of the things that we need in order to host the event are speakers! That is why we are inviting you to apply to speak at this summer’s event. The focus is on the four questions of the PLC process and overall Google and Chromebook technologies for a connected classroom. We would be grateful if you would consider applying to be a speaker at this year’s event. We have a simple form that you can fill out to be entered into the pool. The more diverse the group, the more unique and fulfilling our event can be.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to reach out via email to our team or connect with us via social media!

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