Why #LMTC17?

Why #LMTC17?First, we are beyond excited to host the first-ever Lake Michigan Tech Conference this July 24th & 25th. We hope that you will come join us for two days of awesome learning from fantastic #michED educators. If you need a little probing or additional reasons, check out the list of why you should come to the Lake Michigan Tech Conference this summer.

  • Amazing Sessions: With over 80 sessions happening at the Lake Michigan Tech Conference, there is bound to be enough for everyone. We have sessions for all educators in the K-12 environment. We also have sessions for all of the core subjects and more! Check out our session list and descriptions.
  • Amazing Presenters: We have over 50 presenters offering their knowledge, tips, and tricks for teaching and working with students who are using technology. These incredible #michED educators are offering to share and help you learn and improve your practice. These educators are here to answer your questions and help you on your journey! Take advantage of it!
  • Amazing Keynotes: Join us just to hear Steve Dembo and Ben Rimes speak! These two educators are fantastic and will be sharing awesome ideas, strategies, and ways to incorporate the technology in your classroom more easily. Each speaker will also be doing two smaller sessions on incorporating technology into your classroom. Come learn from these two fantastic individuals.
  • Amazing Attendees: With nearly 200 educators in attendance, there is someone for you to connect with that teaches the same level or subject as you. These connections, with the aid of the collaboration zone time, will help make connections that you can rely upon as you embark journey into edtech and implementing the devices in your classroom. Part of the conference is to help you find people that you can continue to connect with.
  • Awesome Things to Do: The conference will only last until 4 PM. That means, on the west side of Michigan in July you have almost 5 hours of daylight to hit the links, go to the beach, grab some ice cream, check out some local breweries or wineries, and much more. Come explore Michigan’s Southwest after your day of amazing learning! Check out our things to do page for your options.
  • It’s the First One: With this being the very first LMTC, be part of something new and special. Come learn with us and be a part of something special.

If you have not registered yet, please do so before July 17th. Online registration will be closing on July 17th. We will be accepting walk-up registrations. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask!

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