Building the Grid

Photo Credit – Ben Rimes

May is almost here. This past week, the Lake Michigan Technology Conference planning committee met and reviewed all of the conference proposals that were submitted. As we worked through the proposals, we were absolutely floored at how awesome this year’s event is shaping up to be! We are beyond excited as we prepare the grid for this year’s event. I can assure you, you will not be disappointed.

As we gathered to build the grid, we are beyond excited to inform you some of the following stats:

  • Over 45 unique sessions from amazing #michED teachers, leaders, and more
  • Over 15 sessions focused on STEM
  • Ten sessions focused on K-8 Literacy
  • Over 10 sessions focused on Assessment
  • A special strand about moving towards Chromebooks and G Suite including a unique “Ask Me Anything” Google Panel with Google Experts
  • A cyber security-focused session on tips you can take to protect yourself online

In reality, we truly believe that this edition of the Lake Michigan Tech Conference is going to be the best yet. Stay tuned as we will be releasing our 2019 Conference Grid. In the mean time, head over to our registration page and get registered for the best Lake Michigan Tech Conference yet!

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